Become a Referral Agent

This is not a MLM or a way to get rich quickly.  This is a way our company gets to say thanks to the people that are helping other people.  By telling people about Universal Prescription you may be giving one of the best gifts of all, being able to afford someones life saving medications.

What are the benififts of becoming a referral agent?

You will recieve a quartely check in the amount of 10% of the gross order of people you refer.

Example: Sally refers her mother that has a $300 medication.  Sally would recieve $30 every time her mother orders.

What is the catch?  Sally mush reach $50 before we send out a check or, if Sally only has $30 by the end of the year then a check is sent out.

The sign up is easy and no fees required:

Call (800) 556-0669 to get your referral agent agerment sent to you.